Welcome to the Gwentlemen Meta Snapshot! Here you will find a breakdown of competitive decks in the current Gwent meta.

Click on the images below to see more in-depth reviews of each archetype along with sample decklists.

Tier Explanations

Tier 1 - These decks are the best the meta has to offer. They are highly tuned and capable of beating every other deck.

Tier 2 - These decks are powerful and capable of beating every tier 2 and lower deck consistently. These decks have one or more major flaws that prevent them from consistently beating tier 1 decks.

Tier 3 - These decks are capable of beating tier 3 and meme decks consistently. They have multiple major flaws that prevent then from being able to compete consistently with decks in higher tiers.

Gwentlemen’s Comment:

swim: Scoia’tael is looking pretty solid in a few ways; they feel like they have multiple decks on the brink of tier 1, but still have a hard time combatting the hyper reliability of Milfgaard and Skellige at the moment.

Freddybabes: Looks like Spies and Restore Skellige will still be around for a while longer - but it’s exciting to see an old archetype like Consume regain some popularity and hopefully shake things up.

Lamios: I think it’s quite curious how the tiers are basically defined by the strength of the deck’s finisher. The decks with the strong finishers are tier 1, and a lot of other good decks that work perfectly well and have decent engines are simply not up to the task of fighting those other decks because their finishers are worse.

Nilfgaard Spies

Harpooner SK



Consume Monsters

Cursed Skellige

Eredin Control

Machine Swarm

Raikou NR

Handbuff ST


Reveal Nilfgaard

Alchemy Nilfgaard



Peasant Swarm


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