Welcome to the inaugural Meta Snapshot for the Gwent Open Beta! With this release came a flood of new cards and sweeping changes to the game. Several decks are jockeying for the top position on the meta ladder, while others are still being explored and refined.

Matchup Table

Click on the images below to see more in-depth reviews of each archetype along with sample decklists.

Disclaimer: The decklists chosen are contemporary as of the day of the snapshot’s publishing. We’ve omitted archetypes that are either too similar to another one to warrant its own write-up or represent too small of a percentage of the meta to warrant it. Your meta experience might differ based on your MMR range and play time.

Axemen Skellige

Midrange Skellige

Weather Monsters

Hybrid Machines

Hybrid Consume


Spy Nilfgaard

Reveal Nilfgaard

Mulligan Scoia'tael