Part 2: The Top 5 Most Powerful and Meta-defining Decks in the Gwent Closed Beta *Written by guest-writer RandyOfCintra and GumGumFacePunch, we will be taking another look back at the closed beta and share a bit of our experiences from that time. *

Not everyone can make it to a broadcasted talkshow, that’s why we upload the VOD for those people. In this talkshow we had PPD as a guest and talked about open beta, incoming changes, the future of gwent and competitive aspects about it.

Welcome to the inaugural Meta Snapshot for the Gwent Open Beta! With this release came a flood of new cards and sweeping changes to the game. Several decks are jockeying for the top position on the meta ladder, while others are still being explored and refined.

Click on the images below to see more in-depth reviews of each archtype along with sample decklists.

Crach Combo

Foglet Swarm

Midrange Calveit


Spy Nilfgaard



Reaver Combo


Weather Monsters

Consume Monsters

Reveal Nilfgaard

It’s that time again, and this week we have Swim going over his new Axemen Spellige deck. In this video guide, he’ll be covering strategies and combos with the list, as well as taking the deck to ladder for three games to see how it performs.

If you want to see more from Swim, check out his Twitch | Youtube | Twitter | GwentDB

Our next part of the series features a very popular faction amongst experienced players, also because it is a very skill-rewarding faction.

The faction which encourages tricky and cunning play:_ The Scoia´tael.__

Scoia´tael is the faction, in which tribes have the most design-influence on gameplay and cards. Dwarves and Elves have played a big role in the witcher series and both races could unite under one banner: the Scoia´tael, an organisation to fight the hate against non-humans.

“The Scoia’tael are supremely agile, able to outmaneuver their foes with units able to deploy to any row. As befits guerilla fighters, they often set ambushes: cards played face down which reveal themselves only when the trap has already sprung. To bolster their numbers, the Scoia’tael quickly raise new Commandos, zealous neophytes that take the opponent by surprise.”