The 1st of August is finally here and with it comes the first Gwentlemen’s Invitational Tournament!

With a total of 50 teams, each consisting of 3 players, TGI includes some of the biggest streamers, most popular content creators and the best competitive players across the Global Gwent community.

Amongst many others, we will see multiple teams representing Fade2Karma and Gwentlemen, a CD Projekt Red team led by community manager Pawel Burza, and an all-star tournament champion teamup of Vaysh, MaggoGx and Mysling.

The teams will be pitted against each other in 6 weeks of heated Swiss action, with the top 8 teams advancing forward to the playoffs to fight for a prize pool that will start at $200, to which anyone can contribute over the course of the tournament.

Each week, two series will be cast by on our Twitch channel, starting on Tuesday, 8th of August at 8pm CEST. The cast will include MegaMogwai, Swim, Lysander Xonora from the larger e-sports community, among many others - including Burza himself from CDPR!

The games will also be cast in Polish, Russian, French and Portuguese, with the exact hours and locations announced at a later time.

The bracket for the first week of the tournament can be found below:

100% of all donations given to Gwentlemen for the duration of the tournament will be added to the prize pool, so every penny given directly ups the ante for everyone involved!

The full list of players and teams is visible here.

The Gwentlemen and have teamed up to create the ultimate tool for deciding which epic or legendary to pick from your kegs! Simply select the three options within your keg from the drop down menus below and we’ll tell you how the options stack up to one another.

Please note that cards may be ranked higher or lower for you personally depending on the deck you are attempting to build. These ratings attempt to combine multiple factors such as deck versatility, overall power level, and difficulty for usage..

Not everyone can make it to a broadcasted talkshow, that’s why we upload the VOD for those people. In this talkshow we had superJJ as a guest and talked about the formatting of the game compared to other card games and much more.

Another week, another guide - here we have Swim laying out the strategies for one of the most interesting cards in the game: Ciri. In this video guide, he’ll be covering the different scenarios and decision making processes when playing ciri.

If you want to see more from Swim, check out his Twitch Youtube Twitter GwentDB

This article is also available in video form at

“The cards you have in your deck don’t matter” - that’s something that top players sometimes say. But what does it really mean? When it comes to answering that question, context is important. When you hear a top player say that, it’s usually when they just lost to a deck which they regard as worse than their own. And they might actually be right: they might have indeed just lost to an inferior deck. Their reaction, of course, is borne from the heat of the moment. But there’s something more to unpack here. Consider the notion that the cards you have in your deck do not matter, but that it is instead solely how you pilot your deck that determines the outcome of matches. Of course, on a basic level this is wrong – cards do matter. But the reason why it feels that they sometimes do not is that you’re probably testing your decks in the wrong way. This article will focus on deckbuilding – specifically, it will focus on how you can make sure that your deck is good after you’ve built it. Playtesting is not just important, it is essential – it’s how most top players prepare for big tournaments. Yet even top players – the same ones who may get heated in the face of an unhappy defeat – are usually doing it wrong when it comes to this key part of preparation. In this article, I will try and explain why.

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