Welcome to a new weekly series here at the Gwentlemen! Each week we’ll be highlighting tech cards that are both gaining and losing popularity in the meta.

This week, we’ve seen rapidfire shifts in the meta at an extraordinary pace. The top meta decks are still developing into standardized lists, and as such it can be difficult to tech appropriately. However, we have seen trends on several cards that are giving players a leg up on their competition.

Below, you fill find the tech cards which are Rising in the current meta - and those which are Falling out of favor as their efficacy wanes.

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By Guest Contributor OtakuMZ


One of the more frustrating moments in Gwent for inexperienced players is facing off against one of the those three infamous cards: Kambi (Skellige), Letho of Gulet (Nilfgaard), and Succubus (Monsters). When played against, they can induce a feeling of helplessness and unfairness because you need very specific tools to counter them. Without those counters, it is either an instant concede from your side or you have to fight a steep uphill battle. The trick is to choose the counters that will not heavily impair all the other matchups by providing further utility even against other archetypes. Equally important point is the recognition of the matchup as early as possible in the game because only then you can actively start fishing for the necessary countermeasures. In order to know that you play against one of these cards, a knowledge of the strategy behind them is of utmost importance.

You will find all those highlighted aspects covered for all three cards with some lore added as the topping in the chapters below.

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Another week, another guide - here we have Swim laying out the strategies for his new Dorf deck. In this video guide, he’ll be covering the raw power that the list can deliver, as well as taking the deck to ranked for three games to see how it performs.

If you want to see more from Swim, check out his Twitch Youtube Twitter GwentDB

The decklists used in TGO are generally optimized for strike format so they might not be the best for ladder climbs. Nonetheless, you can find some idea to build your own:  

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