Hey guys Swim here, with my new Bear Kambi deck I’ve built on my stream over the past several days. While a very difficult deck to correctly pilot, it can be surprisingly competitive if played to perfection. However, keep in mind that this is still a Kambi deck; for a more competitive option, you can try my restore skellige.  Today I’m joined by fellow Gwentlemen Lamios and we’re going to be going over the nuances of this strange new deck.

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The Gwent Card Pool - All the Stats You Might Desire (0.9.11 - Agile Patch)


Gwent is a game that puts a huge emphasis on synergy. Most of the times, it is not beneficial to just smash together the best individual cards of a faction. Getting a feeling of what is in the game regarding different card types, keywords and mechanics can be cumbersome though. The collection manager has a search function implemented, but to get a feeling of which strategy might be worth following while deck building can feel cumbersome. Therefore, I tracked every stat imaginable and made a huge table. I extracted the information spread throughout the collection and compressed it into the charts you can find in this article. Those graphs and data should give you an overview of multiple aspects of the game you might want to consider when building a deck.

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The decklists used in TGO are generally optimized for strike format so they might not be the best for ladder climbs. Nonetheless, you can find some ideas to build your own:

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Community member Xyptero brings us a magnum opus on the topic of deckbuilding.

A deck needs three things.

It needs a win condition, ways to improve the consistency of your win condition, and the versatility to adapt to whatever your opponent is doing.

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Our keg helper has been updated with the correct values for the current patch. Don’t know how to use this awesome tool? Visit our Keg helper section for more information. If you have any feedback or criticism, be sure to post us about it!

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